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Trustworthy Mission Leaders.

Enable them to start their own self sustaining 501(c) Non Profit Organization.

Our goal is to be an incubator for Non Profits with leaders we believe in, starting with our 3 Noah's Ark Missions in 3 Continents.

More information about our missions below. 

Holding them to the highest of standards. 

Everything on the blockchain for all to see.

There are no secrets in this Ark! 

Noah's Ark Missions

Kuteesa Gloria.jpg

Save Omwana Africa

Never Give Up!

South America Opportunity

The mission is to give a chance to those who were delt an unfair hand. Kuteesa Gloria works tirelessly raising support and resources as codirector of the orphange for dozens of young children in an under resourced environment. We have never been able to contribute enough, but the Cardano Ark gives us the opportunity to provide sustainable income for her and her cause!

Help Kuteesa Help Others!


The mission is to give a chance to people who fall between the cracks. The people who have made mistakes that hinder their ability to rehabilitate.

Chris has spent his years in social working programs as a mentor for young and troubled adults, while acquiring his Masters at Boston University. Chris is one of the most aware people we have ever met. This is the type of person we need to lead the way in providing better solutions.

Brazil has so much to offer, but is held back by lack of opportunity and inequality. Our goal is to create a group to help provide opportunities to young people of Brazil.

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