Noah's ₳rk Foundation

Our mission is to provide opportunity to those without options.

Our goal is to be an incubator for Non Profits, starting with our 3 Noah's Ark Missions in 3 Continents. 

In 2021, we ventured into the stake pool operating opportunity, but found it was necessary to have a full time team rather than a couple part timers. Also, we realize we cannot rely on delegators to stay if they have no added value with us. We need self sustainability and growth. 

With that logic, we decided to break our project into two projects.

The Noah's Ark Foundation, and the Cardano Ark Project. 


The Noah's Ark Foundation will be responsible for receiving the donations and handling them properly. 

We will be registering our 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization immediately when the donations start to flow in, if not sooner. 

Learn more about our plan with our missions - HERE

We want to build this right, this is the beginning of our family contribution to this world. Time is on our side.

The Cardano Ark Project is our plan to fund the Foundation.

A Metaverse Family Friendly Philanthropy Community!

A successful initial NFT Mint, will provide us with a large enough treasury to power a stake pool, for us to provide self sustainable income.

Initial Mint holders will receive passive income. 30% of pool rewards will be designated to our early supporters as well as many added benefits for holding

Roadmaps and whitepaper are being developed.

We are aiming for 2023-2026 for the initial Mint.

As you can tell, we are not in a rush, nor willing to commit to timelines. 

Properly planning and structure are our focus right now. 

Initial roadmap expected by the end of 2022.


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