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Noah's ₳rk Foundation

Our mission is to provide opportunity to those without options.

Our goal is to be an incubator for Non Profits, starting with our 3 Noah's Ark Missions in 3 Continents. 

In 2021, we ventured into the stake pool operating opportunity, but found it was necessary to have a full time team rather than a couple part timers. Also, we realize we cannot rely on delegators to stay if they have no added value with us. We need self sustainability and growth. 

With that logic, we decided to break our project into two projects.

The Noah's Ark Foundation, and the Cardano Ark Project. 

We are going to be minting the Cardano Ark NFTs for each of our nonprofits, resulting in reliable passive income for the projects


Learn more about our plan with our missions - HERE

We want to build this right, this is the beginning of our family contribution to this world. Time is on our side.

The Cardano Ark Carrier Ship NFT is minting now!

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Get in touch with Noah's Ark Foundation to discover more about our work and how to donate. We thank you for your support.

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